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Frank Morris
Frank Morris. 22 March 2023

Easter on Parade: Blackie’s grumble turns into a meeting with Ned Kelly!


“I feel like doing something special,” said the black rabbit. 

I feel bored, I was bbbbbbbbored, said the black rabbit. There, I feel much better now. How extra-ordinaaaary! 

“If you’ve guessed that was the black rabbit having a grumble. He usually grumbles when he is very, very bored,” I said. “I … 

He goes on, on about the mundane, said the black rabbit. 

 “I have forgotten where I was. Let’s see … we are in happy La La Land where there’s no such thing as a tomorrow.  

“La La Land is invisible. Everything was gigantic – big. Everything you do is done today. Today is like an endless nothingness which stretches out into oblivion …” 


F E A T U R E 

MAIN: Blackie lies there and grumbles, grumbles and grumbles! 

How extra-ordinaaaary! Nobody ever explained it that way before. 

“… it never comes to a full stop. It is, well, endless. Oh, and I forgot to mention. That is where the black rabbit comes from… La La Land.”  

“You and I should do something special. Really, really speeeeeeeeeeecial. Like join a bushranging gang or … 

“I forgot to mention the time factor in La La Land. It doesn’t a mean a thing,” I said. 


“Ned Kelly. It’s Ned Kelly …,” said Blackie. 

“How extra-ordinaaaaary! I mentioned bushranging and Ned Kelly turns up. Hooooooow do Ned! I’ve never seen you in this part of La La Land before. 

“I got the shock of my life. Ned Kelly. It was Ned Kelly. Hang on a minute. Didn’t the Kelly Gang rob the bank at …” 

“No. But we are about to rob it,” says Ned with a glint in his eye. Horse had a bored look on his face! 

“Yes …”  

Black rabbit butted in. “Time doesn’t mean a squirt. You said it yourself. How extra-ordinaaaary!” 

“Why don’t you come in your fancy battle armour,” Blackie insisted, doggedly. 

“My boys are up there now checking the place out,” Ned says with a slight grin. “You can read about it in the La La Land newspapers.” 

He rode up closer to the black rabbit.  

“Jump on my horse, Blacky, and be off,” Ned said, half-jokingly. “I like that name, Blacky. Ned and Blacky we’d be called, Hmmmm! Ned and Blacky.” 

“I don’t think so, Ned,” the black rabbit said. Why don’t you wear your fancy battle of armour next time,” he said openly. 

“Ump,” said Ned. 

“Ned looked at me, and said this is for you …” 

He looked across at me, pulled a gun from his belt, and said, “this is for you - what’s your name?” 

Blackie butted in … 

“He’s a stranger …” 

“The black revolver was gleaming. I raised my head to thank him … and …  

“I awoke and was half-hanging out of bed … I was dreaming! I was dreaming! I said. The gun was nestled into the sheets. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.” 

I heard this voice.  “How extra-ordinaaaary, how extra-ordinaaaary.” 

“I got up the next morning and went to get the revolver. I looked everywhere for it. But it had gone. It had disappeared. But it couldn’t have!” 

“Then I recall hearing … that voice!” 

“How extra-ordinaaaay”. 

Ned Kelly rides again! 

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