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Frank Morris
Frank Morris. 06 September 2023

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MEMO: Spread layers of Vegemite on your toast!

The ultra-modern Kraft Walker factory across the Yarra River, Victoria, which sparkles in the sunlight, was opened in 1928.

Callister - the Man who got the ball rolling!

The invention of Vegemite spans the Gold Rush, the Depression and two world wars. That’s quite an achievement of one man, my Grandfather, Cyril Callister.   Vividly, I remember one morning … the whole family sitting down to breakfast. Dad had lathered his toast with Vegemite.” He said: “With a great flourish “you either love it or hate it but you should never forget that the old man invented it.” More than 22 million jars of Vegemite are sold each year. But when the salt black paste was first produced in 1923 the public wasn’t interested. In fact, it took another fifteen years and the Second World War before we embraced it. It was 1953, when the ‘happy little Vegemites’ began to appear in print advertising campaigns. The now iconic jingle was first played on radio in early 1954. When television was introduced to Australia two years later, a commercial was produced featuring eight children in matching uniforms, singing the song. “We’re happy little Vegemites …”. 


Cyril Callisters, aged in his thirties.

The house where it all started, 100 years ago. Heather Ewart, from the Back Road TV series, interviews Jamie Callister.

At war. The much prized Vegemite ration can, which saw the paste’s popularity literally skyrocket. The name Vegemetie was drawn out of hat!

You’re now entering Vegemite territory, Chute, Beaufort, Victoria, two hours’ drive from Melbourne.

> Adapted by Frank Morris. Jamie Callister: The Man Who Invented Vegemite. Pier 9 Publishing, Victoria.


How was Vegemite made?

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