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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

05 April 23

TIME 100: Daughter of Jane, the comely blond, brings another scandal

After Jane, came her daughter Patti, who warned her mother, “I’ll be careful.” What Rita Hayworth was to the American GI, a lissome lass named Jane was to the British Tommy – and more. Jane was the comely blonde heroine of a comic strip in Britain’s giant Daily Mirror, with a ...

22 March 23

Easter on Parade: Blackie’s grumble turns into a meeting with Ned Kelly!

  “I feel like doing something special,” said the black rabbit.  I feel bored, I was bbbbbbbbored, said the black rabbit. There, I feel much better now. How extra-ordinaaaary!  “If you’ve guessed that was the black rabbit having a grumble. He usually grumbles when he is very, very bored,” I said. “I …  He ...

22 March 23

Easter on Parade: The Adventures of Black Rabbit and the Mulberry Tree!

  “Merriment … that’s a jolly happy word,” said Blackie.  The Back Rabbit was feeling marvellous. Jolly marvellous. Bubbling over with merriment as blood courses through his body.  “Absolutely, stupendously jolly marvellous!” he yelled. “That is a jolly happy word” he said.  He could feel it in his bones.  What he could see of La-La-Land, ...

09 March 23

TIME’s 100th Year: Luce, Hadden and a unique magazine called Time

  Nineteen twenty three, TIME set out to become a catalyst of the publishing world. For the best part of its illustrious 100 years existence, TIME magazine has had an affinity with Australia, or the Commonwealth, “the land of wonder.” A gallery of prime ministers, prophets, media moguls, rebels and kings have graced ...

09 March 23

TIME’s 100TH Year: A gallery of photos!

  Artilleryman Henry Luce, Yale, trained on campus, then serves the last month of the war at Camp Jackson. S.C. There, he and Hadden talked about “the paper” and laid plans for their partnership.   Yale Daily News’s 1920 staff included chairman Hadden (centre), editor Luce (second left).   TIME’s founders, Hadden (left) and Luce ...

22 February 23

The Titanic: The man who never was!

Hot off the press! To celebrate 25 years since it was first shown, a remastered edition of The Titanic will be at your cinema soon. A graphic account of the liner, whose port side rammed into an iceberg, will be told in minute detail. The Titanic was sunk on its ...

22 February 23

At The Clubs: His makeup had to be “the best”!

His similarity to the star was arresting and unsettling.  Over 40 years ago … The inimitable Charlie Chaplin played the clown “with gentleness and innocence … sometimes with a tragic mask.” So wrote Chaplin’s biographer, Robert Payne, in l964, at the height of the Chaplin renaissance. His popularity was again sweeping the ...

08 February 23

Young Hearst Jr: He wants the much-talked-about Salvador Dali to do the illustrations!

Young Bill had a zany idea! Young Bill Hearst Jr, publisher of the New York American, showed the proposed copy, layout and art to “Pop” and the next thing I knew was “Pop” wanted to see me at the Ritz Tower where he was staying. Mr William Hearst said he liked the ...

08 February 23

Come to NZ: Mark Twain called it “Paradise found”

New Zealand could now be rated as an ‘exotic’ travel destination. In the late 1800s, US author Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clements) was perhaps the first international literary luminary to visit and publicise New Zealand. Twain found the “land of superb scenery” irresistible. He wrote about the snowy grandeurs, the mighty glaciers ...

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