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Grand Years
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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

15 June 22

Paddington Bear: He aways looks forward to Monday for a chat

There were chronicles in Paddington’s hectic life that are worth knowing about! One of the things that made visiting his friend’s antique shop in the Portobello Road so special was the fact that it was never the same two days running. People came from far and wide to seek Mr Gruber’s ...

01 June 22

Surfing greats: They want to erect a statue to champion Midget Farrelly

The surfing greats want to erect Midget Farrelly’s statue “that will replicate the classy riding style,” which would lead him to surfing global recognition on a big scale. With Farrelly, we have the first-ever world surfing champion who would win the title with his “hands in the air”. The former world ...

01 June 22

Radio’s Golden Days: The dawn of Australia’s radio broadcasting

Dauntless pioneers, and their enthusiastic devotion, assisted to promote the start of commercial radio. Florence Cheers, better known as Dot, was born in Maryborough, Victoria, 1906, and was immensely proud of her upbringing. She recalls her mother’s and father’s Italian and Welsh backgrounds, too. Mum also told me about any of the ...

19 May 22

Elvis lives on - even though he died 45 years ago

Elvis rock-and-rolls to stardom! See it all with the new Elvis flick, which starts on June 6. The Elvis yarn could not be better told.  A jet once owned by Elvis Presley, reported AAP, has sold for more than half-a-million dollars. The jet had been sitting in Roswell, New Mexico for 35 ...

19 May 22

George Howe: He started the first newspaper in the nation

There was nothing of the usual pomp over the launching of the Sydney Gazette that March day, 1803, only in the Governor’s room. The only surprise on people faces was that they had a ‘news-sheet’.  It was 16 years ago, March 5, 2003, that a special event at the site of ...

09 May 22

At the Club: Flashback 1960s – Country music on the up

In the mid-1960s, Heather McKean, was present when country music was “taken to the people”. In the 80s, it was “on the way up”.  The popularity of country music in Australia has surged to an all-time high over the past few years according to Heather McKean, chairperson of Country Music Australia. ...

09 May 22

Up in the Air: Time is right for the power driven machine

Australia awoke to the real importance of aviation – the heavier-than-air power machine that made its appearance in 1910. The first flight in Australia by a heavier-than-air power driven machine was made on March 18, 1910, by American escapologist Harry Houdini who off took from Diggers Rest, near Melbourne, in a ...

21 April 22

Phar Lap, the champion, died after he won the major race in US

These two words stopped people in their tracks, and they wept. People knew it was the mighty horse, Phar Lap. The classic “HE’S DEAD” poster, in its meaningful ways, stands out loud and clear. In 1932, ninety years ago, a US government official declared that Phar Lap was poisoned by spray ...

21 April 22

THE GREAT WAR: The story of a horse that was one in a million!

Bill the Bastard had a steely look in his eyes as if he were waiting for somebody. When, suddenly, a trainee trooper ‘bit’ the dust. He waggled his head and walked away.  This is the story of a lifetime. It concerns a horse. The bravest horse you’ll ever know. Bill was ...

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