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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

17 May 23

Up in the Air: A photo gallery of Bert Hinkler, “airman extraordinaire”

  Hinkler set out to construct a glider of his dreams. His efforts paid off. Bert, only 19 at the time, flew his glider to a height of 30 feet. A beach, 12 miles from Bundaberg, was the staging place for this epic flight. Everybody turned up. Travelling shows and carnivals ...

03 May 23

Clipper Days - when sailing ships thrashed their way across the seas

The Clippers were referred to as “racehorses of the sea.” Modern thought it may be, there is a group of people who considers them slow. But, with all conditions at sea, they were supa-faaaaast! Sailing ships spread their white sails and set forth for the other side of the world. There ...

03 May 23

Clipper Days: A photo gallery of stunning ‘racehorses of the sea’

  THE PORT JACKSON This beautiful four-masted barque was constructed in 1882. The clipper was 286 feet long and cost 29,000 pounds; she spent most her career trading between the Old Country and Port Jackson. On April 28, 1917, while on a voyage to London from Buenos Aires she was hit, without ...

26 April 23

Vale: Barry Humphries … he was a supreme entertainer

  Barry Humphries, 89, died last Saturday in hospital. Humphries was treated for various health issues. One newspaper describes him as an “original and outrageous entertainer.” Humphries family have been offered a public memorial service in Victoria. Dame Edna Everage was one depression-era ‘lady’ whose life started off as a housewife and ...

19 April 23

Anzac Day: Australia is at war – What it’s like shopping in times like this?

  Sorry - ‘no waste in the kitchen’! Business gets more serious every day Australian housewives are hoping to hear from the Government that some of the wartime delivery restrictions can be eased, said The Women’s Weekly at the time. “Suburban shoppers from four of our capital cites give some idea of ...

19 April 23

Australia At War: A gallery of newspapers in action

  The Evening Telegraph, September 1939. In Australia, Prime Minister Menzies, in a broadcast said, “We are at war.”   World coverage, May 1942. Terror strikes.   The Argus, Melbourne, February 1942. Darwin bombed.   The Daily Express, London, August 1945. Japan suffered from atom bomb blast. First Western journalist, Australian Wilfred Burchett, was let into Hiroshima ...

05 April 23

TIME 100: Daughter of Jane, the comely blond, brings another scandal

After Jane, came her daughter Patti, who warned her mother, “I’ll be careful.” What Rita Hayworth was to the American GI, a lissome lass named Jane was to the British Tommy – and more. Jane was the comely blonde heroine of a comic strip in Britain’s giant Daily Mirror, with a ...

22 March 23

Easter on Parade: Blackie’s grumble turns into a meeting with Ned Kelly!

  “I feel like doing something special,” said the black rabbit.  I feel bored, I was bbbbbbbbored, said the black rabbit. There, I feel much better now. How extra-ordinaaaary!  “If you’ve guessed that was the black rabbit having a grumble. He usually grumbles when he is very, very bored,” I said. “I …  He ...

22 March 23

Easter on Parade: The Adventures of Black Rabbit and the Mulberry Tree!

  “Merriment … that’s a jolly happy word,” said Blackie.  The Back Rabbit was feeling marvellous. Jolly marvellous. Bubbling over with merriment as blood courses through his body.  “Absolutely, stupendously jolly marvellous!” he yelled. “That is a jolly happy word” he said.  He could feel it in his bones.  What he could see of La-La-Land, ...

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