Staying healthy on tour

Grand Pacific Tours (GPT) manage strict Health and Safety protocols and will continue to develop or enforce new initiatives relating to the management of COVID-19 based on the guidelines outlined by the Australian and New Zealand Governments and the World Health Organisation. The health and safety of our travellers is our number one priority.

GPT’s demographic of traveller is generally aged 50+ or for those who prefer a low impact itinerary. All travellers should have a good level of fitness and health to cope with full days of travel which may include walking and climbing stairs. Payment of deposit by a traveller to GPT acts as a warranty that the traveller is reasonably healthy and/or fit to participate in the tour and the traveller indemnifies GPT from all actions, claims and demands arising out of any want of health and fitness. It is important that the traveller chooses the right tour to avoid disappointment.

>> Download the Staying Healthy on Tour PDF here


Prior to Travel

  • The completion of a Good to Go form by the traveller is required to manage any individual health requirements on tour.
  • Each traveller is provided with GPT emergency contact details including our 24/7 emergency hotline.
  • As mandatory requirements continue to change including full vaccination and/or pre travel COVID-19 testing, travellers are best to view the relevant government and airline websites for accurate information.
  • Each traveller is recommended to visit their doctor and dentist before travelling.
    Each traveller is recommended to arrange their own comprehensive travel insurance.

New Zealand Airport Transfers

Based on GPT’s Booking Terms and Conditions New Zealand airport transfers will be provided to travellers on arrival and departure.

  • All GPT transfer operators are COVID-19 approved, adapting and modifying their systems to meet the new border opening requirements.
  • Transfer drivers are fully trained, aware and compliant to ensure complete traveller experiences, and understanding the nature of the current travel environment. They operate the highest levels of safety.
  • Transfer operators are equipped with enhanced technology to ensure driver tracing.
  • All transfer drivers will be wearing facemasks and limit all touch points.
  • Vehicles will be fully cleaned and sanitised for each new transfer.
  • Contact details of GPT transfer operators is located on the Emergency Card provided as part of the documentation kit if contact is required on arrival.

Our Coach Fleet

GPT pride ourselves on the standard of our modern touring fleet. Each Coach Captain takes immense pride in the standard and presentation of their touring vehicle.

  • Each day, a Stay Healthy on Tour presentation will be shown onboard the coach. This rotating slide presentation includes key messaging important within a group travel environment.
  • In keeping with good hygiene practice as stated by the Ministry of Health the coach is cleaned with antiseptic wipes or disinfectant, including bleach solutions, at the end of every shift so that the potential spread of infection can be minimised.  Hard surfaces include windows and sills, handrails, door handles, plastic seat backs, seat armrests and toilet areas. Disposable gloves are worn while cleaning.
  • The air conditioning systems in our coaches use a mixture of recirculating and fresh air so it is not the same air being recirculated all the time. Filters in the air conditioning units are cleaned regularly to ensure maximum air flow.
  • Selected coaches are fitted with Anti-Virus units which reduces the risk of contracting airborne contaminants.
  • Hand sanitiser is freely available on board the coach for use throughout the day.
  • Each coach has a fridge available for storage of medications.
  • Bottled water is available for purchase on each coach in order to stay hydrated.
  • Each coach has the provision of onboard Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kit.

Our Professional Crew

At the commencement of the tour, travellers will be introduced to the expertly trained Crew – Tour Leader and/or Coach Captain.

  • GPT Crew are provided with a Standard Operating Procedures document to ensure a methodical operation resulting in the continual safety of all travellers.
  • All Crew will be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • All Crew are trained to react and activate further protocols should any unexpected issues arise while out on the road.
  • During the tour the Crew will operate with a duty of care and monitor the hygiene etiquette of all travellers, reacting and advising as needed to ensure high standards are maintained. We ask that travellers heed their advice.
  • Whilst the Crew will be informed of specific details noted in each traveller’s Good to Go Form, we also encourage any traveller to communicate directly with any specific requirements that should be noted.
  • Crew will be available to assist travellers with embarking and disembarking the coach (if required).
  • Crew will do a head count prior to moving on from each stop to ensure all travellers are safely onboard the coach.

Hotels & Attractions

GPT are proud of the supplier partners we work with in New Zealand.   All of whom take the well-being of our travellers as seriously as we do and operate strict COVID-19 guidelines.

  • Each facility will be practicing health and safety protocols based around New Zealand’s Alert Level 1. At any stage these protocols maybe heightened if alert levels change.
  • At each hotel, a formal Meet & Greet is conducted by Management including the awareness of Fire Drill instructions.
  • Group bookings at each hotel and attraction will ensure rigid tracing guidelines are met in the case of any virus outbreak. They may require travellers to download the NZ COVID Tracer app. Upon arrival at a hotel or attraction travellers will be required to use the NZ COVID Tracer app to scan the specific QR Codes.
  • Social distancing is encouraged at all venues.
  • For hotels, high-touch areas will be focused on above and beyond normal servicing. This includes, but is not limited to, door handles, light switches, TV remotes, safe, kettle and refrigerator. Some in-room amenities and collateral may have been removed from the rooms for hygiene purposes.
  • Sanitiser will be available for traveller’s use in public areas around hotels and attractions and we encourage regular use.
  • Travellers are prohibited from removing food from the hotel buffet for health reasons.
  • In the event of an evacuation during your stay at any hotel, travellers are asked to follow the applicable hotel’s evacuation procedures. Each traveller should familiarise themselves with the evacuation location and procedures when first entering their hotel room. Each hotel should also inform each traveller of these details and any other relevant information upon arrival. If unsure, please ask your GPT Crew.

Illness on tour is a possibility

GPT will follow all Health Department protocols and processes, traveller information may be given to the Health Department as part of any required notification process.

  • GPT does not employ medical staff so if any traveller falls ill during their tour, GPT Crew will provide assistance as best they can, based on the circumstances.
  • GPT Crew are provided with a list of Medical Centres in each town for ease of assisting travellers.

Key points to remember:-

  • When possible, travellers should seek medical treatment early.
  • If travellers require medical attention, local medical services can be contacted immediately.
  • Each traveller is responsible for all charges that result from visiting a medical facility or a medical practitioner visiting at the hotel or similar.
  • GPT is not responsible for the type or quality of the medical services the traveller may receive.
  • GPT does not provide face masks on tour, this is the traveller’s responsibility. Varying alert levels may require the mandatory wearing of masks.

If due to illness a traveller decides to leave the tour to return home:-

  • An official form must be signed by the traveller so any forward tour arrangements can be cancelled.
  • GPT can provide the traveller’s Travel Agent with an Insurance Letter stating the value of any missed touring arrangements.
  • Based on GPT’s Booking Terms and Conditions, no refund shall be made to the traveller for any unused portion of their tour itinerary.
  • The traveller should retain any medical receipts as they may assist with any insurance claims the traveller may submit.
  • Any travel insurance policy taken out is the responsibility of the individual traveller.

24/7 Support is guaranteed

  • From the minute GPT traveller’s leave the front door, to their arrival home safely, GPT operate an In Case of Emergency hotline to provide instant assistance, so every traveller can rest assured they are in good hands.
  • Whilst in New Zealand, the GPT Crew in charge of the tour will have the operational assistance of our experienced New Zealand Operations Team based in Auckland and Christchurch.
  • GPT have an extensive Disaster Management Plan in place to ensure any crisis situation is methodically managed.