Staying healthy on tour

Grand Pacific Tours (GPT) conduct various Health and Safety policies and procedures to promote the importance of staying healthy for our travellers while on tour in New Zealand.

We are constantly reviewing our health and safety policies based on Government guidelines. More information and post-COVID-19 enhancements will be available in 2021 prior to touring recommencing.

Pre Tour

  • Manage the completion of a Good to Go form by the traveller in order to manage any individual health requirements on tour
  • Provide each traveller with GPT emergency contact details including our 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Provide each traveller with a General Information document outlining important information regarding GPT and their tour to New Zealand i.e. prescriptions and medication
  • GPT Crew are provided with a list of dietary and health requirements of each traveller to assist with the management of these requirements
  • GPT Crew are provided with a Standard Operating Procedures document to ensure a methodical operation resulting in the continual safety of all travellers

On Tour

  • Health and Safety DVD is shown on the first coach day of each Island’s touring outlining the safety requirements
  • Stay Healthy on Tour DVD is shown on board the coach, every couple of days. This rotating slide presentation includes such things are washing hands; using hand sanitizer when embarking the coach; covering your mouth when coughing; disposal of tissues etc.
  • Every coach has hand sanitizer dispensers for travellers to use when embarking and disembarking the coach
  • Face masks are NOT provided on tour. If the traveller is wishing to utilise a face mask, GPT Crew can recommend the local pharmacy for purchasing
  • Each coach has the provision of onboard Fire Extinguishers and First Aid Kit
  • Each coach has a fridge available for storage of medications
  • Each coach has a supply of bottled water which can be purchased by the traveller in order to stay hydrated
  • GPT Crew stand at both doors of the coach to assist travellers with embarking and disembarking the coach
  • GPT Crew do a head count before departing each location to ensure all travellers are safely on board
  • GPT Crew do regular cleaning of the coach air conditioner filters to maintain a healthy atmosphere onboard; spraying the coach with disinfectant; regularly wipe down of handrails
  • At each hotel, a formal Meet & Greet is conducted by Management including the awareness of Fire Drill instructions
  • Travellers are prohibited from removing food from the hotel buffet for health reasons
  • GPT Crew are provided with a list of Medical Centres in each town for ease of assisting travellers
  • GPT Crew can make arrangements if sick travellers elect to stay behind or are hospitalised and then enable them to re-join the tour group once they have returned to good health
  • GPT Crew have official forms for completion to record Sickness on Tour; Lost Property; Departure from Tour; Incident on Tour


  • An extensive Disaster Management Plan is in place to ensure any crisis situation is methodically managed
  • Regular Crew Training is provided to ensure all Policies and Procedures are understood and facilitated correctly
  • An insurance letter for any missed portions of the tour is provided for travellers to liaise with their elected travel insurance provider