23 August 18

The Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Crew

During the 2017/18 season Crew Conference, greater emphasis was placed on the review of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) document which outlines certain important aspects of operating a GPT coach tour and how it relates to the Coach Captain, Tour Guide and the traveller.

The SOP covers topics including the definition of Crew, health & safety on tour, relevant tour information, requirements for reports and forms plus specific checklists ensuring policy and procedures are streamlined and followed by all.

The SOP is located in the Crew Manual and it is imperative that all Crew familiarise themselves with the information outlined in this document including the division of tasks between the Coach Captain and the Tour Guide. Please don’t hesitate to provide feedback should anything in the SOP require updating or you think something new should be included.  The SOP has also been distributed amongst staff at Head Office to gain a better understanding of our touring requirements on the road.

Reminder: Crew Reports are to be submitted to NZ Operations upon immediate completion of each Island touring. The reports are to be in PDF format (not Jpeg or photo) with the tour code noted in the Subject Field of the email. Each Coach Captain is to submit their individual tour report and the Tour Guide (where applicable) is to submit all other reports.

You can check out the SOP via the link HERE.

Key Contacts

Malcolm Hegh (North Island)

Julia Savill (South Island)

Karen Lowe (Tour Guide Manager)

Jenny Saunders (Tour Operations)

Elena Randello (Quality Assurance)

Vanesa Brcic (Tour Guide Travel Arrangements)

Elizabeth Bezzina (Tour Product)

Stacia Morris (General Manager)

Peter Harding (Managing Director)



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