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06 March 18

Welcoming new staff, creating a new position and celebrating an outstanding achievement.

New Contractor

Scott McRae – Media & Public Relations
Scott has been recruited to work with GPT as a contractor, providing his services to generate new opportunities within the world of media and public relations. In addition, he will produce a large list of online vignettes on each tour series for the website plus a range of new TV commercials. A key project also on the list is the production of a new Health & Safety DVD which the Crew play on day one of each tour. The new version will be more informative and produced in a more fun and watchable tone. Scott will also be the face of our 2018 Road Show and MC on the day using his fantastic media talents.

This is another exciting step forward for GPT, all with the aim of growing our brand presence through new and incremental avenues. The marketing department will be managing the workload for Scott accordingly.
Welcome ‘officially’ to the GPT family Scott!

New Tour Guide

Peter Darby – Tour Guide
It is exciting to advise of another new Tour Guide who will be joining the GPT team for the 2018/19 season.
Peter Darby is based in Australia and known to Stacia Morris and Peter Harding for many years as he previously held a senior role at RACQ Travel instigating groups to New Zealand for GPT.

Peter has a great knowledge and passion of New Zealand, has an understanding of group travel and is an all-round good bloke! He has escorted many tours over the years throughout many countries and his most recent role was Business Development Manager for Princess Cruises which he has just retired from. Peter will be travelling on GPS 250418 (9 Day North Island) as part of his GPT training.

Welcome to the GPT family Peter!

Trading Places

Karen Lowe – South Island Operations Manager
Resigning from her role as South Island Operations Manager at the end of this season, Karen will be taking on a newly created role of Tour Guide Manager.  Next season will be the first season where all our tours with exception of Ultimate will be fully guided by a professional Tour Guide, this is approximately 135 tours. Having a team of guides of that magnitude warrants the dedication of a specific Manager.  The new role will involve recruitment, training, communication pre/during/post season, uniform, performance management, maintaining and instigating policies and procedures plus conference involvement. This role is well suited to someone who fully understands the guide’s involvement on the road and is based in New Zealand so the interaction can be more personal. The day to day on the road Tour Guide liaison will remain the role of the North & South Island Managers as this revolves around the management of the tour.  The compilation of the Tour Guide Roster and travel plans will remain the responsibility of Vanesa Bric, Business Operations Manager.

Karen has taken the South Island Operations role to a whole new level and made a big difference to the operation in the South Island and has formed fantastic relationships with the Crew and the industry. We thank Karen for her dedication and loyalty and we're delighted she will be remaining part of the GPT family. Hooray!


Stacia Morris – General Manager
The 3rd of March 2018 marked Stacia’s 15th anniversary with Grand Pacific Tours and of course 15 years since she moved from Sydney to Melbourne. From selling hotel rooms to selling coach tours we could not have wished for a more dedicated, loyal, passionate individual to represent GPT as General Manager.

Congratulations Stacia and cheers to another 15 grand years at GPT!

A message from Stacia…..

15 YEARS….of good times!

I still remember the first day I walked through the front doors and thought OMG I am going from selling hotels to bums on seats – but hey I could see the challenge with jumping on board with a growing infrastructure and that
I would continue selling NEW ZEALAND! Peter and I discussed me coming to GPT one night at a cocktail party that I was hosting, after one too many wines, and nothing has really changed since then – all good decisions are made over a couple of wines – or one too many! I have enjoyed every single minute during my 15 years, there has been so much laughter, great times and amazing successes.  Whilst there have been plenty of highs there has been some lows but they only made me stronger and they only made us better as a company.

...working alongside Peter to run the most outstanding tourism company, with the best bunch of people I could hope to spends my days with, you are all a big part of me being here 15 years later!

After 15 years, every day is still rewarding; every sale made is still exciting and every happy traveller is success.  I just thank each and every one of you for your friendship, dedication and passion for what we do together as a ‘team’….together everyone achieves more!

Key Contacts

Malcolm Hegh (North Island)

Karen Lowe (South Island)

Jenny Saunders (Tour Operations)

Elena Randello (Quality Assurance)

Vanesa Brcic (Tour Guide Travel Arrangements)

Elizabeth Bezzina (Tour Product)

Stacia Morris (General Manager)

Peter Harding (Managing Director)



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UpdateZ from AUS & NZ

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