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Dedicated SOLO Travellers Tours

No travel partner? No worries 

Grand Pacific Tours offer dedicated SOLO Travellers Tours where you can experience the best of New Zealand on a coach holiday, designed for those who travel solo, but want the convenience, camaraderie, and value of travelling in a group. 

What to expect when travelling Solo with GPT 

When travelling on a dedicated SOLO Travellers Tour, you are travelling with like-minded people who want to experience the magic of New Zealand.  

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, the authentic flavours, the friendly locals and exciting attractions, knowing the hassle of overlooking hidden locations or taking a wrong turn is removed.  

Enjoying meals and sharing stories about your day is a big part of the experience, and with reserved dining at all restaurants for breakfast and dinner, it is guaranteed you will not dine alone. Share unique memories while gaining new perspectives, over a glass of wine and fantastic food. 

Guaranteed Single Room 

With a guaranteed single room included, travelling on our dedicated SOLO Travellers Tours allows you to expand your network while still having your own space to unwind at the end of each day.   

Bring a Friend and Save 

If you have a friend who would like to travel with you, there is an option to twin share together and save off the tour price (enquire at time of booking).   

Dedicated Group Messaging App

You can connect with fellow travellers via a free messaging app before departing and stay in touch afterwards, details will be provided in the Tour Documentation.

So don't be afraid to take that solo trip you've been dreaming of. We are here to help you make the most of it, allowing you to experience the holiday of a lifetime, while making new friends along the way! 

Dedicated SOLO Travellers Tours available: 

11 Day Ultimate SOLO Travellers Tour 

11 Day Signature SOLO Travellers Tour 

Port of Departure

To enable us to present you with the best Tour Pricing and Bonus Offers please select your intended Port of Departure and Accommodation Room Type. If you do not require an air inclusive package, please select LAND ONLY.

All prices are in Australian Dollars. For air inclusive package pricing, airline taxes are subject to change. Exact amounts will be confirmed by your Travel Agent at the time of booking.