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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

21 September 23

Film Greats: Disney’s 1947 Song of the South still touches a nerve!

  Uncle Remus is the foreteller of wonderful stories!  After the Civil War, down in the Deep South state of Georgia, a little boy called Johnny (Bobby Driscoll) is excited about a trip to visit his grandmother living on a rural cotton/tobacco/rice/pecan plantation.  However, his visit soon turns painful as he learns that ...

21 September 23

Film Greats: Song of the South - It’s on with the show. Gallery of photos!

  Here comes the Zip-a-dee-doo-dah special magic!   In 1947, a feature length colour film Walt Disney’s Song of the South brought to life the well-loved Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris.   By the combination of live actors and cartoons, the film tells how the wise old Uncle Remus teaches a small boy ...

06 September 23

Remember When . . . Gallery of photos. Extraordinary things can happen

  MEMO: Spread layers of Vegemite on your toast!   The ultra-modern Kraft Walker factory across the Yarra River, Victoria, which sparkles in the sunlight, was opened in 1928.   Callister - the Man who got the ball rolling! The invention of Vegemite spans the Gold Rush, the Depression and two world wars. That’s quite an ...

06 September 23

Jack The Ripper: Gallery of Photos! Do something different with your holidays!

  Where the victims were discovered.   Polly Nichols, Bucks Row, August 31, 1888.   The Murders of Jack The Ripper: Come, let your holiday follow in his footsteps. Jack the Ripper had a host of followers even though his killings spread horror through the land. So, here’s a suggestion! Why don’t you make it a thing to ...

23 August 23

Remember When … There’s a tiny bit of Ginger Meggs in all of us!

    Gone but not forgotten. In 1921, our first glimpse of the red-headed larrikin who was on his way to become a national icon. Thanks, Ginger, for your antics over the last 102 years. The inspiration behind Ginger Meggs’ name was a woman.  She was Ross Russell, a social columnist for The ...

23 August 23

Vietnam War: Death of a young Australian warrior

  Australia ‘s 50th Anniversary: From the time of the arrival of the first members of the Team in 1962 over 60,000 Australians, including ground troops and air force and navy personnel, served in Vietnam. The war in Vietnam in June 1965, claimed the first conscript, Private Errol Noack, 21 years-old, of South ...

09 August 23

NZ Scene: Hillary, Tenzing reached the highest place on earth

  They came to conquer a mountain In 1953, Edmund Hillary and the Nepalese mountaineer Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Towering a shade over 29,000 feet, they had conquered the highest place on earth. “By conquering Everest, Hillary and Norgay affirmed the power of humble determination and ...

26 July 23

Britt Ekland talks - A life to be jealous of in 2023!

  Now 80, Britt Ekland (above) talks about life after she left the spotlight. Britt said openly, her hair is a still dyed blonde, her slight figure is stiff-gaited but upright through rigorous Pilates. She’s dressed in tactile layers of cream and brown, a fake fur gilet, a big leopard-skin scarf, the journalist ...

26 July 23

Bushrangers: Film - A starring role for the first “criminals of the bush”

  Ben Hall was only young when he was shot by police. Ben made the statement that “you’ll never hang Ben Hall,” soon after authorities got him to surrender, and he became “our” outlaw. But he beat them at their own game. So, Ben became the first bushranger to be outlawed. A ...

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