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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

27 June 24

Past Olympics: Australia chosen to host the Olympic Games

  In the southern Hemisphere at last. An excited Australia  brought home 35 gold, silver, and bronze. This was an outstanding performance. The 1956 Olympics Games are the first to be staged in the Southern Hemisphere. They’re also the first to be held as late as November and December.   TOP: Spirit of the ...

13 June 24

D-Day, June 6. “I was there”!

  One of the most memorable things about France, according to John Frost, was the smell – the stench of death!  D-Day was the most guarded secret of the war.  And, yet to Londoners, it was the most open secret in the World.  Where else could all those military vehicles be going, day ...

13 June 24

They’re here! 60 years ago, the Beatles visited our shores

  Beatle alarm: “Danger of disaster” The then Premier, Mr Renshaw, issued a special warning to parents of teenagers who will welcome the Beatles to Sydney, reported The Daily Telegraph. “Crowds can be dangerous if they get out of hand and children could be seriously hurt.” he said. Mr Renshaw asked parents to ...

30 May 24

The Great Aussie Firsts!

  Errol Flynn! As they say, the rest is history Errol Flynn’s lead role as the rambunctious Captain Blood of 1936 is a distinct credit to the young actor who has earned world-wide attention and praise. Flynn and Basil Rathbone, his co-star, will go down in screen history for the many stirring ...

30 May 24

Film Great: War winner - and four Oscars to boot!

  The authentic gut-wrenching war movie, Platoon, I’ve seen three times, and discovered one important thing: that time hadn’t changed it. Just remember, it was made in the1980s and the dialogue was always spot on; and so was the acting, the scenery and the background noise of soldiers dying. One of ...

15 May 24

Dogs, Dogs, Dingoes! Everybody loves a dog. But what about dingoes!

    Most people skirt around me. They worry that I am going to bite. After all, I am a native dog. How’s that for a laugh! I was bred by a fellow who loved dingoes. My mother and father were bred by the same fellow. So was grand-dad and gramma too. In ...

15 May 24

The Big Fight: Film shows how Darcy becomes champion!

  Les Darcy pulled out all the stops. He was now Australia’s Middleweight Champion. The Star Theatre, at Bondi Junction, Sydney, supplied the “only action” with an advertisement for the filmed fight between Les Darcy and Eddie McGoorty that promised 15 rounds of excitement. Les Darcy later became middleweight champion of the world, ...

01 May 24

NZ Scene: World War 2 - He was decorated with double VCs

  The bold and the brave! He became the first New Zealander in World War 2 to be awarded two Victoria Crosses – 1941 and 1943; he also was the world’s only double VC winner. His name? Captain Charles Upham. Born in Christchurch, Upham, wounded and seriously ill, won his first VC in Crete ...

01 May 24

World War 2: “Dear Daddy …”

  Anne Kemp was only twelve-years-old. With letters from home, she was old enough to keep soldier father entertained. In this special “secret” letter, Anne asked him to send her some money so she can buy her mother a Christmas present.   << From Australia Today magazine’s Letters of a Nation, Dec / ...

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