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Grand Years
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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

10 August 22

About Face: The laughing face will leave you with a smile!

A new era begins at Luna Park – a new boss to take over. He is a former head of Fox Studios, the youngest CEO in the 87-year-old institution’s history. Now, let us retrace the importance and iconography of Luna Park. Luna Park’s dramatic Face has kept watch over Sydney Harbour ...

10 August 22

Jack the Ripper: “Shocking murder” of a woman, says The Times

Almost to the day, 134 years ago, the first woman murdered, Polly Nichols, was found lying truncated, in a dark alley, with her throat cut from ear to ear. Annie Chapman was next. She didn’t know what was in store for her. On September 10, 1888, the series of shocking crimes ...

27 July 22

The Author: Frank Hardy was everyone’s mate until he was crossed!

Wren’s philosophy was win at all cost. On the other hand, Power Without Glory made Hardy famous. Frank Hardy was an author, columnist, communist, ratbag, talker, yarner, a fighter for the underdog and the battlers’ battler, said Graeme Johnstone. “Frank Hardy was all these and more,” said Johnstone. But he was always ...

27 July 22

Author Pearl S. Buck - Conscious memories of China and America as I see them

Her name was Pearl Sydneystricker. She went to China a few months after her birth in America in 1892. Her mother and father were occupied in their extraordinary mission work. Pearl’s life in China was bizarre. She was tutored simultaneously as a Chinese child both there and in America. She settled ...

14 July 22

Get Aboard! After the earthquake Christchurch returns again!

The Avon, with its impressive willow trees elbowing their way across the river, still lead the way. Out of the blue, with no warning at all, Christchurch was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake at lunchtime on Wednesday, February 22, 2011, that virtually left it a broken city. Many people had died, ...

14 July 22

A Look Back: Why do Kookaburras laugh?

An ideal one to read to the grandkids. Straight from the John Mystery Book, Why Kookaburras Laugh, and various other titles, published in 1940. For holidays, up on the farm, went Rosie for a term. And with her went the great big book In which lived the Bookie Worm. She’d often heard about the ...

29 June 22

Elvis Presley - World hails the 'king'

“ … But I knew I had it on That’s All Right. I just knew I had found a groove,” said Sam Phillips, owner of Sun Studio.    Some images from the movie, ELVIS, now showing ‘Elvis’ doing swivels on the Ed Sullivan show. ‘Elvis’ standing tall. The audience were gobsmacked. ‘Elvis’ … all garbed up. A ...

29 June 22

Mr Murdoch v Mr Maxell: The battle for News of the World

As soon as Mr Maxwell steps into the News of the World pond, he did not expect the N.O.T.W to fall into his lap. Maxwell knew that he had a fight on his hands. It all began on Wednesday, October 16, 1968. Mr Maxwell, the chairman of Pergamon Press Limited astonished ...

15 June 22

The Monster: He lied, he cheated, and robbed his tottering empire!

He, Robert Maxwell, of the Daily Mirror, told lies over the missing millions. Robert Maxwell’s worldwide empire had collapsed in ruins. This was within a month of the publishing mogul’s mysterious death. “And immediately years of rumour about the man and his business methods became appalling fact.” A senior Mirror columnist told ...

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