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Grand Years
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Frank Morris
Human interest and entertaining tales of yesteryear with respected journalist Frank Morris

16 November 22

Merry Christmas: I’m very understanding towards older people, says Comfort the dog

I don’t have a name, as yet (above). In the pound, I’m referred to as “the dog”, not even “terrier”, but just “the dog”. Let’s cut to the chase. Compared to other carnivorous domesticated hounds of all sizes, many are well-bred; I have lived with a few of them! See, I’m ...

16 November 22

Kokoda Track: Take a leaf out of Andrea’s book

Andrea Morris (above), retail manager, counts trekking Kokoda as her most life-changing experience. It was the author, Peter Fitzsimons latest book, on Kokoda which first inspired me. I’d always had an interest in military history and after my marriage ended, I decided it was time to do something for me. Kokoda was ...

03 November 22

Flashback: Plane crash in Botany Bay, all dead, frogmen in heartbreak search

The year was December 1961. Explosion theory surmised -- plane blew up. Or was it because heavy turbulence with bad weather intervened? Housewife says the plane was “a ball of fire high in the sky.” Torn bodies and wreckage of the Viscount airliner which disappeared over Sydney in a storm last ...

03 November 22

Memorial: Jack Eden - A great pioneer of surfing photography

Jack Eden, during the Surfing Sixties, captured the people, the icons and the events of that dazzling period of the Australian surfing legends. Eden, in a TV interview, revealed that these celebrities were from “the halcyon days”. “Eden‘s camera captured countless images which infused new life into what can only be ...

19 October 22

Melbourne Cup: Historic film, Australian first, “received thunders of applause”

Lights, camera, action! Australia and Victoria are rich in cinema history. In 1896, the French photographer Marius Sestier, came to shoot what was to be the first film ever shot in Australia, the Melbourne Cup. Marius Sestier arrived in Sydney in September. Sestier commenced photographing scenes in the local area, on ...

19 October 22

Melbourne Cup: Newhaven wins the first ‘cinematic’ trophy, daylight was second

Newhaven won most of his races with such ease. He was many lengths ahead of the second horse! Newhaven was the first horse since Martini-Henri in 1883 to win the Derby-Cup double and, naturally, a comparison of the performances of the two horses is interesting. Both horses had no trouble winning the ...

05 October 22

Spring is here! When you’re allergy-free it means you stop the sneezing

The best course is to limit your exposure to allergens! The major culprit in springtime, hay fever, is pollen which are tiny particles that are released from trees, weeds, and grasses to fertilise other plants. For reasons that are largely unknown, some people are hypersensitive or allergic to pollen. Unfortunately, there is ...

05 October 22

Spring is here! The birds are coming!

“Cyclists are warned to look out for magpies”, according to a morning newspaper. This warning got cyclists on the tip of their toes if they saw magpies threaten their safety. “My wife was attacked recently walking up close to a clump of trees and she was swooped on by a magpie; ...

22 September 22

In 1936, Princess Elizabeth of York now becomes heir to the throne

Golden-hair Princess is waiting to take up her onerous duties as Queen. But, in the meantime, she has a long period ahead of her. In an old ivory-lace robe in which three kings (her uncle, her grandfather and her great-grandfather), and Queen Victoria and the Empress Frederick were christened, a fair-haired ...

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