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Touring with Confidence - Pre Tour

Understand what to expect from New Zealand's weather, currency, immigration requirements plus all the other nitty gritty of travelling with Grand Pacific Tours. The following is a range of topics covering all the frequently asked questions, we want to ensure you tour New Zealand with confidence.

> Download a copy of the Touring with Confidence Guidebook 


Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance is not included but is strongly recommended for all travellers. It is your responsibility to arrange your own travel insurance.

Health Insurance

New Zealand’s public and private medical / hospital facilities provide a high standard of treatment and service. It is advised that you ensure you have adequate health insurance cover as part of your travel insurance.

Passport, Visa Requirements and Traveller Declarations

All travellers require a passport to enter New Zealand. Your passport must be valid for at least three months beyond the date that you intend to leave New Zealand. 

For Australian citizens travelling on an Australian passport, you do not need a visa or permit to visit New Zealand. Visitors from visa-waiver countries must request an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) prior to travelling to New Zealand. For visitors from non-visa waiver countries, it is recommended you contact NZ Immigration for full entry requirements. If you are not an Australian Citizen or permanent resident, you may also have to pay for an International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). 

As a safety precaution, it is recommended that you take a copy of your passport and credit card/s in the event that these items become lost or stolen. This will assist with reporting these items to your financial institution or police. 

Travellers arriving at New Zealand international airports will need to complete an online Traveller Declaration. This will replace the paper Passenger Arrival Card currently handed out onboard your flight to New Zealand. Travellers will be asked questions about customs, immigration, biosecurity, and health risk assessments as required. The Passenger Arrival Card will continue to be accepted for a period of time after the Traveller Declaration is introduced. 

The below reference sites hold the most up to date information for travellers visiting New Zealand:

Prescriptions and Medications

Pharmacists in New Zealand are only able to process a prescription that has been issued by a New Zealand doctor. Prescriptions issued in your home country cannot be processed in New Zealand.

If you need regular medication you should register with a General Practitioner in New Zealand and consult them as soon as possible as some medications may not be available in New Zealand and you may need to be prescribed an alternative. Some medications which are available over the counter in other countries can only be issued with a prescription in New Zealand.

If you require any medication during your flight or in the airports, remember to pack it in your hand luggage. Each medication must have a printed pharmacy label attached and it should be carried in the original containers. It is recommended that you carry a doctor’s certificate supporting the need to carry essential liquid medications in containers over 100ml in your hand luggage. Pills and capsules are not restricted under the liquid, aerosols and gels policy therefore, to assist with the recovery of any minor illness or injury whilst on tour, we recommend you also travel with your own pain relief. Insect repellent and sunscreen lotion are also advisable to pack (dependant on time of travel).

Holiday Duration

The first and last day of most structured holidays is considered a travelling day and therefore may not necessarily be a touring day. Dinner is not included for travellers arriving after 8pm on Day 1.

SOLO Travellers Tours

If you are travelling on a dedicated SOLO Travellers tour, you are guaranteed a single room, so you can relax with your own room for the duration of your trip. If you have a friend who would like to travel with you, there is an option to twin share together and save off the tour price (enquire at time of booking). You can connect with fellow travellers via a free messaging app before departing and stay in touch afterwards, details will be provided in the Tour Documentation. Making new friends is a great part of travelling solo and reserved seating at all restaurants for breakfast and dinner, ensures travellers dine together. 


Travellers residing in Australia: GPT documentation including any merchandise will be forwarded to your Travel Agent two weeks prior to departure. If you have not received your documentation, please contact your Travel Agent and arrange for delivery or collection. These items will not be available once you have departed Australia.

Travellers residing outside of Australia: Your personalised itinerary will be emailed to your Travel Agent. In addition, GPT documentation including any merchandise will be made available for collection at the first night's accommodation based on the tour itinerary. If you do not require any items presented as part of the Documentation Pack, please hand these to the GPT Representative on the first morning when you join the coach, and they will be recycled. You can view the contents of the Documentation Pack prior to your arrival to New Zealand via our website. Contact GPT if you have not received your Documentation Pack at your hotel in New Zealand.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate early requests for documentation. 

The Ultimate Small Group and Signature Mid-Size Group Documentation Pack will include: - travel bag, ticket wallet, luggage tag, toiletry wet pack and laundry bag. 

The Classic Warbirds Over Wanaka and selected Special Interest Group Touring Documentation Pack will include: - travel bag, ticket wallet, luggage tag, toiletry wet pack and laundry bag.

Contents of your Documentation Pack:

  • Ticket Wallet - Includes flight itinerary (if applicable), tour itinerary, tour questionnaire, Optional Activities Directory, touring map, postcard, customs required resealable plastic bag and an Emergency Contact card.
  • Luggage Tag
  • Name Badge
  • Travel Bag
  • Toiletry Wet Pack
  • Laundry Bag
  • Merchandise

Note: Contents of the Documentation Pack can vary each season. 


Travellers residing in Australia: All prices are inclusive of GST and postage with documentation. All purchases must be made with your Travel Agent at time of booking. Payment for all merchandise is due with final tour payment prior to departure. Merchandise will not be sold once on tour or after travellers return home. Refer to the website for delivery and jacket sizes (sizes are generous, refer to sizing chart before ordering). Exchanges can be made on unused merchandise, an additional AUD$15 fee (per jacket) will be charged to cover delivery, postage and handling. 

Travellers residing outside of Australia: GPT have a range of merchandise available to all travellers. All orders should be made at the time of booking and rate applicable is quoted in New Zealand Dollars. Items available are a water resistant jacket, GPT wool blend cap. Refer to the website for jacket sizes (sizes are generous, refer to sizing chart before ordering). No exchanges possible.

Luggage Limits

Each traveller is entitled to travel with ONE suitcase on tour measuring (length + width + depth) no more than 150cm (59”). Ultimate Small Group Touring travellers may bring up to TWO suitcases if airline ticket permits.

Weight limits also apply to luggage due to Occupational Health and Safety issues. The maximum suitcase weight allowed is 23kg (50lbs). If you bring more than the allocated limit of luggage, any additional arrangements made to get your luggage to the final destination, will be at your own expense.

Please be aware that oversized or overweight luggage may be refused to be carried by coach companies.

Each traveller is supplied with a GPT Travel Bag for personal and small items which can be carried on the coach when travelling. The travel bag is designed to carry a maximum of 6kg (13lbs).

Due to limited space on board the coach, please ensure carry-on bags are approximately (length + width + depth) 81cm (32”) with a maximum weight restriction of 6kg (13lbs).

All luggage carried is entirely at your own risk, GPT takes no responsibility for accidental damage or loss. In the event of lost luggage by the airline, it is your responsibility to liaise with the airline/airport to retrieve the luggage, the GPT Crew can assist in providing information on the process.

Luggage Tag

Located in your ticket wallet. For proper identification, please ensure you attach your GPT luggage tag to the top handle of your main suitcase and not your hand luggage. This will assist the Coach Captain to identify your luggage when loading the coach throughout your tour.


Whilst on tour, dress is informal and relaxed on most occasions. Smart casual clothes are acceptable at most restaurants. The seasons are more pronounced, and the weather is more changeable. In summer, a jacket and sweater should be included in your luggage should the weather turn cooler, or you visit higher altitudes. You can expect some rain, so also include a light rainproof jacket or coat. If visiting during the months of May and September, pack warm winter garments and layer your clothing. You may have the option to relax and unwind in thermal hot pools so don’t forget to pack your swimwear.

Laundry Facilities

You may take the opportunity to do your laundry on tour. Some hotels have a laundry room with self-service washers and dryers available to guests at specified operating times. Charges for machine use and detergents vary. If the hotel offers a laundry or dry cleaning service, it is important to ask at reception how long it will take to get your clean laundry returned to ensure you get everything back before checking out. Higher charges apply for this type of service.

Download the Laundry Facilities List available at all tour hotels (subject to change without notice).


For flights originating in Australia, all of your Australian airline and airport taxes are included in your air ticket. For all other flights originating outside of Australia, please refer to the information provided by your Travel Agent.

Airline Check-in

Please refer to your airline confirmation for specific information relating to your check-in procedures including airline luggage allowances. For luggage allowances whilst on tour, please refer to the information outlined in Luggage Limits topic.

Restriction on Liquids

Restrictions exist on the amount of liquids, aerosols and gel items that can be carried in the cabin of international flights. You can only carry liquids, aerosols or gels in your hand luggage if each container is no more than 100ml, and these containers collectively can fit comfortably into one resealable, 20cm x 20cm transparent plastic bag. It is also recommended that you pack unessential powder-like substances in your main luggage to avoid separate screening of these items.

Bio Security

You are not permitted to carry plants, fruit and some foods into New Zealand. All products, animal and plant materials must be declared or disposed of in one of the airport disposals bins. Failing to do so will result in a fine, payable before leaving the airport.

Refer to for the most up to date information for travellers visiting New Zealand.

Customs and Duty-Free

Certain quantities of cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol can be purchased duty free. When entering New Zealand, you need to be aware of the allowances otherwise you may find yourself liable for duty and other charges if you are over the permitted limits. For information on customs and duty-free restrictions when returning home, please visit the applicable website.

Money Matters

New Zealand’s unit of currency is the New Zealand Dollar (NZD). All major international credit cards are accepted and provided they are encoded with a PIN, may be used to obtain cash from Automatic Teller Machines throughout New Zealand. Check with your bank whether this facility is available to you (bank charges will apply). It is highly recommended that you obtain a small amount of New Zealand currency prior to your arrival in New Zealand. We suggest a minimum of NZ $40 - $50 per day per person for incidental cash expenses such as lunch, morning and afternoon tea.


All information is subject to change at any time. 

Port of Departure

To enable us to present you with the best Tour Pricing and Bonus Offers please select your intended Port of Departure and Accommodation Room Type. If you do not require an air inclusive package, please select LAND ONLY.

All prices are in Australian Dollars. For air inclusive package pricing, airline taxes are subject to change. Exact amounts will be confirmed by your Travel Agent at the time of booking.