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Top of the South Island     13 July 2023

Image 1 for Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise

Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise

At the historic French village of Akaroa, set off on an award winning Nature Cruise for the chance to see the rare, NZ native dolphin – the Hector’s Dolphin.  

Also on the trip, keep a look out for the White Flippered Blue Penguin, the smallest penguin in the world. There are many different bird species in the harbour, including five different cormorant (shag) species and the endangered yellow-eyed penguin. New Zealand Fur Seals are also often sunning themselves on the rocks near Seal Bay.

Akaroa Harbour was a live volcano millions of years ago, so there are many spectacular ancient lava flows to be seen. One cliff has a sheer 500-foot face and a fascinating history, while Nikau Palm Gully is the southernmost limit for these tropical palm trees. There is also the incredible Scenery Nook, an amazing pink, purple and red volcanic amphitheatre that will take your breath away.

Grand Pacific Tours Top of the South Island tours include the Akaroa Harbour Nature Cruise. 

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