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New Zealand     7 February 2024

Image 1 for Rediscover the charm of Rail Travel with Glenbrook Vintage Railway

Rediscover the charm of Rail Travel with Glenbrook Vintage Railway

Embark on a nostalgic 15-kilometer trip back in time aboard the beautifully restored vintage steam train of Glenbrook Vintage Railway.  

The journey begins at Glenbrook, connecting with the national rail network, and winds its way through picturesque landscapes, featuring three level crossings at Morley Road, Pukeoware Road, and Cornwall Road.  

As passengers enjoy the rhythmic sounds of the vintage steam engine, the journey concludes with a delightful morning tea, adding a touch of elegance to this immersive experience.


Consider Glenbrook Vintage Railway as more than just a train ride – it's an escape to a simpler time and a celebration of history wrapped up in an enchanting journey. 

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